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GBS broadcasting center in Kenya received digital TV channel number 15 October 13, 2009
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On the 9th of October in 2009. An ovation for all the workers in the GBS Kenya broadcasting center was echoing.

The GBS broadcasting center in Kenya received digital TV channel number 15 after receiving analog channel 55.

It had become such a big issue for GBS to receive a digital channel for the capital area. Starting from the very bottom, GBS overcame 65 competitors who had broadcasting licenses and were without any faults.

Since the beginning of the year the government of Kenya had been preparing to convert analog TV signals to digital TV, and was delayed for 7 months.

GBS academy enrolled the 1st year students and has systemically and realistically been teaching techniques such as collecting pieces of news, photography, editing, production and so on. Now planning, arrangement & photography and editing is being done by natives, and some amount of content is secured.

According to the voice of the servant that was given to the church after the 2008 Kenya World Camp last year, broadcasting permission was given. GBS receiving digital TV channel number 15 proves it is is now one of the broadcasting centers in the capital city of Kenya.

In terms of the government-run broadcasting station interests, after setting up the digital signal broadcasting system, GBS will test the broadcast in the following month of November.

Just in Nairobi, GBS is aiming for the most viewers per day of 600,000 people.

According to the promise of the servant of God, that as long as the Gospel is preached through GBS, God will always be together with us and lead us. Many churches all over the world prayed unceasingly, and the guidance of the servant of God was there even at the moment of danger.

This is just the beginning. Please pray and encourage the GBS broadcasting center to preach the pure Gospel so the help of God will be upon GBS.

how comes i don't get the channel on my tv? i live in Nairobi

10-05-20 01:36
hallo GBS
my name is Bonney Tunya.i am a young tallented man of age 24 with a passion for my generation.i would like an opportunity to serve God through my talent in Broadcast,i have hitherto been running a campus talk show for 3years at the university.i loook forward to hearing from emil adress is
thank you.
bonney tunya.

10-08-10 20:45
Am a young talentend kenya in playing drum set
10-08-28 02:03
Praise the Lord, kindly let me have you address and telephone no. Please. God bless u.
10-09-07 16:24
where is GBS offices
10-12-06 21:52
I have a unique Christian programme that will change the way we worship, regard God and strengthen our believe in God. Lets reason together
10-12-22 00:39
Hi, i'm a freelance Producer/Art Director, how ca i get my resume to you?


11-01-02 02:12
hi am a born again student of multi-media university,kindly requesting for an attachment opportunity in your broadcast
11-02-01 15:19
i'm a pastor and i have been preaching on radio for some time.i feel that God is leading me to tv.please tell me how it can be done.

11-02-12 06:21